BidVertiser: Your Answer for All Things Advertising?

Would you like to spread the word about your site? Would you like to turn your online content into money-making online pages? Or, do you just want to sell things on eBay with a bit more ease? Using the services provided through BidVertiser, you could potentially take care of all these goals. Is this site your answer for all things advertising?

Online advertising isn’t, by any means, a new fad. Many Web sites know how to use advertising, whether by bringing more people to the site or using ads to create revenue for popular pages. Sometimes, the hardest part of online adverting lies in finding just the right company to create these marketing campaigns. Could that company be BidVertiser?

What is BidVertiser? 

BidVertiser ( is a full-service online advertising site that helps you achieve your marketing goals. BidVertiser has been available online for a few years, and their services are often compared to Google’s AdSense advertising programs. BidVertiser’s user-friendly site and very simplified payment method (unlike Google, BidVertiser pays through PayPal and will make payments once the $10 mark has been reached) often make these programs seem very desirable. 

Advertising services offered through BidVertiser are based on the common PPC, or pay per click, model. Basically, PPC works on the same simple system whether you advertise with BidVertiser, Google or any number of companies using the same model. Web advertisers who place ads for their site online get to design the ads and decide on what sort of sites they should be placed, paying only when traffic actually clicks on those ads. Web publishers who want to earn through their Web pages place BidVertiser ads near content and earn money when traffic clicks these ads. Sound simple enough, right? 

{mospagebreak title=BidVertiser Services} 

BidVertiser offers three different types of services meant to fulfill all your online advertising needs. One service which helps set this site apart from the competition is the eBay Sellers marketing options. 

Through this advertising program, you can place linkable ads on Web sites to help drive more traffic to your eBay products. You’ll decide upon factors such as location, Web site categories (so you can be sure you’re advertising on sites which relate to your products) and how much you’re willing to pay for each ad. With the pay-per-click model used by BidVertiser, you’ll only pay when your ads actually get clicked by traffic. For instance, you may pay five cents USD ($0.05) for each click. BidVertiser allows you to customize the look of your ads and helps you monitor the progress and performance of your advertising campaign.

Online advertising for publishers is among the most commonly known and understood forms of marketing. BidVertiser’s Web Publisher services are comparable to Google AdSense in many ways, and some have learned that BidVertiser and AdSense can, in fact, work quite well when used together on the same pages.


BidVertiser for publishers helps you earn money from the content-rich pages on your site. You’ll sign up to join the BidVertiser service, which will give you the opportunity to decide what sort of ads you want to place on your site. You’ll choose ads by category and size, which helps you ensure that you’ll have relevant, attractive ads on your pages.

Upon signing up for the BidVertiser publishing service, you’ll receive a cut-and-paste code which allows you to place the ads on your pages. Simply insert the code into your site’s HTML editor, and you’re ready to start making money. For every click that results from these ads, you’ll receive a sum that’s predetermined in your BidVertiser contract. For instance, it’s common to receive $0.01 to $0.10 for each click. 

BidVertiser also offers a service for Web site advertisers , those who want to help spread the word about their site and potentially pull in more traffic. This service is very similar to BidVertiser’s eBay campaign. 

With this program, you can create and monitor the ads you’ll be placing on Internet Web sites. Every time a user clicks on one of these ads, you’ll get a visitor to your Web pages. You’ll also need to pay BidVertiser per click, so think carefully about the amount you want to pay for each ad. You control the payment amount, design and type of ads that will be displayed, so you can promote the most effective image for your Web site. 

{mospagebreak title=BidVertiser Sign Up} 

It’s incredibly easy to sign up for any one – or all – of BidVertiser’s services. Simply complete the online form, choose the categories that relate to your Web site, and you’re already halfway there.

If you’re going to advertise with BidVertiser, after signing up you’ll go on to design and create your ads (which is the biggest step in creating your entire marketing campaign).

If you’re a Web publisher who wants to earn through BidVertiser’s services, you’ll choose what sort of ads you’d like to display on your pages.

These decisions made, you’ll go on to receive information about your BidVertiser account (tracking money made and money owed, for example) and HTML codes (if any).

The entire process can be completed in a very short amount of time. In a single day, you can sign up, create ads and start using BidVertiser’s services to the fullest extent. 

{mospagebreak title=BidVertiser Controversy}

BidVertiser offers many of the same services, built around the same model, as other more well-known online advertising Web sites (like Google). However, unlike Google, there is some controversy and conflicted opinion surrounding BidVertiser. This company does not have the reputation that Google enjoys, and many people find themselves wary of using BidVertiser at all. Is it your answer for all things advertising…or is BidVertiser a scam, as some Internet users seem to believe?

Search online forums for BidVertiser information, and you’re going to find it. Some users of this site have suffered various problems, and some others claim that BidVertiser itself is nothing more than another Internet scam. BidVertiser complaints often center around problems such as: 

Account termination. Some BidVertiser Web publishers have found their accounts terminated with no forewarning and very little explanation. In some cases, payouts were not received due to this account cancellation. Detractors say this helps prove the scam theory (with the key point being the unreceived payments), while those who like BidVertiser say it’s important to be sure your site conforms to their standards lest termination ensue.

Very low revenues. A portion of BidVertiser Web publishers say that they experienced very low monetary returns, far less than those received through Google AdSense. This has been attributed in some cases to the unattractive look of BidVertiser ads, which can be tedious to change. These ads can be altered (font, color, etc.) to make them blend in with the overall look of your site. This could result in higher ad revenues. 

Is BidVertiser your answer for all things advertising in the online world, or are the rumors true that it’s nothing more than a scam? While BidVertiser may not work for everyone, or with every site, there are many who say BidVertiser pays well and very much upholds their end of the bargain. Will it work for you? There’s really only one way to find out.

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