The EXACT Method for Crushing It On Google

In this article I’m going to lay out a method so devastatingly effective for getting top search rankings really fast that its simplicity might surprise you.

Now, to be fair, I have talked about pieces of this in my last article.  In fact, I’ve been harping on two aspects of this: the use of Google+ (which I’m going to shorten to just G+ from here on out) and becoming an authority in your market.

The problem with the whole “authority” thing is that it can take time. What I want to do with this article is help you get some good rankings quickly.

Actually, what I want to do with this article is help you to absolutely crush it on Google.

The thing is, the new Panda update, followed by the Search+ changes, have made it so that anyone doing any kind of business without a G+ page is foolish.

Understand that before the Panda update I was a little G+ agnostic. There just wasn’t enough going on, and some of the “sharing” features (such as the +1) didn’t seem to be getting enough usage. However, with the growth of G+ has come more sharing. Not only that, but the Search+ additions have made it worthwhile to actually offer an incentive for +1s. 

On my own G+ page I’m doing this as well, by giving people who +1 and add me to their circles a special report containing information that I’ll never give anywhere else.

All of that is a long way of saying that G+ is now important for businesses of any kind. As with Facebook, it allows an impressive level of engagement with your customers.

For the purposes of this article, however, G+ can receive preferential search treatment. The emphasis here is on the word “can,” as it’s important to make sure that you do things correctly.

Not only that, but G+ being so completely spidered by the search engine means that posts you create on G+ that are important, and get heavily shared, will be “findable” years down the road. In fact, great posts on G+ can easily “take on a life of their own” and be spread and shared around in ways that simply are not possible with Facebook.

Not only that, but the “circles” concept allows you to segment people in ways that are frankly awesome, besides being incredibly intuitive. Imagine having one circle that is prospects or leads, and another that is customers. You can now vary what each sees through their G+ streams based on their relationship to you. In other words, you can give different information to a prospect than to a long time customer.

With the background information out of the way, let’s talk about how you can absolutely crush your competition on Google. 

{mospagebreak title=Optimize Your Profile}

AJ Kohn of the BlindFiveYearOld has an amazingly complete post regarding search optimization of G+ profiles and pages.

If you want to pretty much own Google for relevant search phrases, it starts with making sure your profile is well optimized. Some of the things in your profile matter, while other things don’t.

Search phrases that are relevant to your business should show up in your introduction and/or in your employment sections. Understand that (at least for now) the “employment” can be more than just the name of your business; it can include tasks. As an example, if you’re a painter, besides putting the name of your company, you can also list “painter” in the employment section, and “painter” in your introduction.

Next, you’ll want to get as many people adding your profile to their circles as possible. The more people that add you, the more likely it is that you’ll appear in searches. I even give incentives for people to do this. Get your friends and family to create G+ accounts and add you to their circles. Contact past customers, let them know you have a G+ page, and see if they’ll add you. When you have done business with someone, offer to give a discount to them if they’ll add you. The more people that put you in their circles, the better.

The more people that put you in their G+ circles, the more likely your profile will show up prominently in searches for phrases that matter to you (phrases that should be contained in your introduction and employment sections).

Next, take phrases that are important to you and post some really good content on G+. Unlike Facebook, there is no limit to the size you can make a post — at least, none that I have found yet, and I’ve had clients post some really long stuff.

Posts like that tend to get lots of +1s, which means the post itself can show up prominently in searches on top of your profile showing up. That now means your profile can rank well, and individual posts can rank well on top of it.

When you do that, make sure that the search phrase shows up in the first sentence, and then naturally throughout the body … and finally, again in the last sentence. That will tell the “relevancy engine” within Google that your post should rank well. Again, get as many +1s as you can ( is great for this).

Next, let’s look at the “Pages” feature of G+. Create a page and title it the keyword that you are targeting. Again, provide incentives for people to add you to their circles and +1 your page. This is most easily done by having some good content on your page worthy of people +1’ing it and adding it.  However, offer some kind of report, or a special discount or something to people that do.

This can help your page to rank well also. Notice what is happening here. You can get your personal profile to rank well, a post to rank well, and your G+ Page to rank well.

You can help this to happen even faster by implementing the Link Wheel concept I talked about in a previous article.

In fact, once you throw link wheels into the picture, and using to get +1s to those, you can begin to see good rankings for your G+ Profile page, individual posts across your G+ Profile, individual posts on your G+ Pages, your G+ Pages, posts from your link wheel, and so on.

I am not kidding that I have local clients where they have three items that show up in the local search area — and then the entire rest of the first page, and some of the second page as well, is nothing but their pages.

It creates the perception within the market that they are the only real company, and everyone else is just an “also ran.”  This allows them to completely own the market. One client (a chiropractor) went from struggling in a tiny little dumpy office to having multiple docs working for him in a premium location in a single year.

The idea here is to utilize G+ and its various features, along with +1s and circle adds to get Google to see you as important in your market. Add into that the “verification” of your pages, having Google view you as an important author so that you show up that way as well, and your “control” of Google search can be extremely complete.

Now throw in the syndication of content out to other sources (see my other articles for how this can be done quickly and easily), Facebook likes, and so on.

Here’s the thing: few people actually do any of this stuff. That means that those few that do, can dominate the searches, and through that, quickly dominate their entire market area.

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